This is a picture of my friend Sydney and I at Anime Central 2011. As you can see (well… maybe, if you’ve seen/played the things that our characters are from) that we are dressed as Sango from InuYasha (Sydney) and Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda (me :D). 

Sydney and I have been friends for a few years, and we like to do nerdy things together, such as going to conventions and cosplaying, and I really appreciate her as a friend.

If you know who Sydney is cosplaying, then you should know that she carries a huge oversized boomerang as a weapon. Well Sydney doesn’t have this prop, and kept getting harassed by fanpeeps for not having it, and it made her very frustrated.

Sango and her boomerang

So for Christmas this year, I decided to hand-make her a boomerang. It is made out of blue insulation foam, pleather strips, acrylic paint, boatloads of spray adhesive, and lots of luck. (At the time this was published I had not gotten the tassels so forgive me for not including them in the picture.)

The almost finished product standing in my room

a super blurry picture of 6ft me for scale. (taken by my mom, hence the blurry lol)

I honestly can’t wait to give it to her, I know she will love it. This year’s Anime Central will be awesome, with my redone Zelda costume and her new boomerang! :D

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